Perspective 7, a place where it feels good to work on our personal development!

If you are reading this, you probably have a problem you want to solve, or you would like to work on your personal development. Therefore, let me confirm that you are at the right place.

Firstly, a warm welcome to you! Secondly, when you come to Perspective 7, please come as you are and make yourself comfortable. You will find a genuine and non-judgmental approach here. Additionally, everything said within Perspective 7’s space stays confidential, so please feel entirely safe.

Perspective 7 specialises in providing authentic personal and leadership coaching internationally. In other words, we help individuals, small entrepreneurs and new managers all around the world to make the best out of their personal and professional life.

Perspective, bamboo – Photo by Sophia Ayame on Unsplash

Perspective 7’s services are founded on three essential pillars that provide you the best foundations to overcome your challenges and live a life full of satisfaction and success.


Discovery of


Head – Heart – Guts -Body Alignment



At Perspective 7, emotions and their impacts are discovered, explored, understood and managed – always with empathy but also in a simple and straightforward way. Meanwhile, we work towards empowerment and creating and high-quality sustainable changes by ensuring that all your “brains”, i.e. head- heart – guts – body, are on the same page. Finally, we cultivate your performance and set a positive outlook on yourself and your surroundings while considering your personal and/or professional culture.

Arashiyama, Kyoto
Arashiyama, Kyoto – Photo by Marek Piwnicki

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What People Are Saying

“Being coached with Perspective 7 has truly been life-changing. Through consistently growth-oriented, peaceful and engaging sessions, I have been able to focus my priorities across personal, professional and social spheres and hone on areas of improvement that I had previously been unable to express, or unaware of, until working with Perspective 7. The extensive training of the coach created a unique and fruitful space for positive change in my life, and I can see significant improvements in body and mind as well as in my relationships with colleagues, family and friends. Especially during uncertain times or times of change, I would highly recommend coaching with Perspective 7 as a thought-provoking, incredible experience!”

James, Edinburgh

“Aude is a dynamic coach with a gentle and completely non-judgemental manner. She enabled me to enter into really uncomfortable territory while feeling safe and supported. Very empowering experience. Thank you

Anna, England

Aude has a natural and authentic style of coaching, engaging and always asks pertinent and relevant questions, thought provoking I find. By doing this she is able to break down assumptions, whilst encouraging me and smiling throughout our coaching conversations. I walk away from our sessions feeling enthusiastic about the future and the changes I’m able to make and I must say after the number of sessions we’ve had I’ve seen a positive difference to my life. I would therefore highly recommend Aude to any potential client.”

Hozan, England

Aude is wonderfully calm, concise and consistent! I would highly recommend Aude as a coach and would not hesitate in engaging her again both for short term problem solving, and where a larger breakthrough is required. Through her expert listening abilities Aude elevates the coaching process to a truly transformative experience. I will be forever grateful to her for her fantastic coaching!

Jessica, Ireland

“Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.” Dan Brown

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