Everything is a matter of perspective…

Take the example of that picture : the woman sees clearly a “6”, the man sees clearly a “9”. No one is wrong. Both are right on their own way. Everything is a matter of perspective.

Our perspective is the way we see something, according to our background, our culture, how we have been raised, our values. That forms our beliefs about ourselves, about others, and about the world : the meaning we give to events, the way we make sense of our lives, etc, is based upon our core beliefs.

We look at situations, events and interpret what people say or do, according to our own perspective. Our minds are constantly trying to find a sense of our world, forming judgements and opinions and making assumptions.

Not always easy, but always worth it

It takes a lot of courage, determination, and action to change our perspective. It’s not an overnight process, it takes a good amount of time to recondition your brain and train it to view things in the most beneficial way.

The important thing to remember is that your own perspective is just one version of what is happening. One version of the many version in our hands. We cannot control what someone else does or how some events suddenly happens. However, we can better manage our own expectations.