If you win, I lose?

It is not a secret that our thoughts affect the course of our lives. All our beliefs and habits can push us forward and allow us to get what we want or keep us from moving forward and put a heavy weight on our shoulders.

We all have experienced this indefinable feeling that something is missing, this moment where we think that having this or that would make us happier or also that we will not have another opportunity to achieve something. This logic, called “scarcity mindset,” is the creator of many of our fears, our anxiety, and sometimes even our despair. We sometimes spend more time grieving over what we are missing instead of appreciating and realizing what we already have.

Contrary to this type of logic is the “abundance mindset“, this mindset is the one with which we rejoice about what we have, we improve our performance, we are optimistic with the future, open-minded, grateful , confident, generous. The one with which we embrace life to the fullest!

In 1989, Stephen Covey recounts these two different types of mindset in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. He describes the abundance mindset as “a concept in which a person believes that there are enough resources and successes to share with others”. In contrast, the scarcity mindset is “destructive and unnecessary competition”. The idea behind the scarcity mindset is that “if someone wins or is successful, that means that the other person loses, without even considering all the others possibilities that would allow everyone to win”.

By listening to our reactions and emotions and understanding them, we can start to create an awareness of our type of mindset and act on our thoughts. We can create a more open and peaceful atmosphere around us. We can share what we have, give value to others. We can free ourselves from our own tensions and those that we have created with others. We can welcome positivity and joy. We can see all the possibilities.

We can create our life!