Leadership coaching

for new managers and small business entrepreneurs


Being a good leader is a never-ending process. While some people are born with natural leadership skills, some others need more practice. The good news is that being a leader is a learnable skill. However, being a leader does not mean playing a role. Understanding your values and what you stand for is a requirement for using your skills at their best and driving the inspiration while achieving goals.

Leadership positions are difficult to settle in comfortably, especially after a new promotion or the foundation of your own business. You are expected to have charisma, build relationships, think critically, achieve goals, innovate and motivate others while facing every new challenge sent your way. 

Perspective 7’s Absolute Leadership 7 PLUS™ coaching programme offers leaders some time to gather their thoughts, recentre, prepare, energise and sharpen their tools to lead better and fully use their abilities.

The programme helps define what kind of leader new managers and small business entrepreneurs want to become, develop their leadership skills, improve their self-belief and focus, build or progress their own branding, manage complex relationships, resolve conflictual situations and find the best ways for you to achieve success.

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching

Who is the programme for?

Absolute Leadership 7 PLUS™ is adapted to relatively new people in a leadership position and would like to use and develop their skills. Specifically, those who are:

  • Newly promoted into a leadership position
  • Taking on the position of CEO of a small company or founding their own company
  • Wishing to succeed as a leader
  • Self-employed and want to develop their leadership skills

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Perspective 7’s Coaching Programme

Based in North Edinburgh, I offer professional, confidential, face to face, one-to-one leadership coaching tailored to your individual needs:

Absolute Leadership 7 PLUS™ is a 3, 6 or 12 months program, including:

✔ An initial 60-minute conversation looking at goal setting and mindset challenges;

✔ 12 x 60 or 90-minutes coaching sessions over 3, 6 or 12 months;

✔ 1:1 coaching sessions in English or French;

✔ In-person or online sessions;

✔ Access to me via WhatsApp between sessions, keeping you accountable and on the right track;

To develop a programme according to your needs, or find out more information, please contact me to discuss your coaching needs and goals.


Being coached with Perspective 7 has truly been life-changing. Through consistently growth-oriented, peaceful and engaging sessions, I have been able to focus my priorities across personal, professional and social spheres and hone on areas of improvement that I had previously been unable to express, or unaware of, until working with Perspective 7. The extensive training of the coach created a unique and fruitful space for positive change in my life, and I can see significant improvements in body and mind as well as in my relationships with colleagues, family and friends. Especially during uncertain times or times of change, I would highly recommend coaching with Perspective 7 as a thought-provoking, incredible experience!


Aude has a natural and authentic style of coaching, engaging and always asks pertinent and relevant questions, thought provoking I find. By doing this she is able to break down assumptions, whilst encouraging me and smiling throughout our coaching conversations. I walk away from our sessions feeling enthusiastic about the future and the changes I’m able to make and I must say after the number of sessions we’ve had I’ve seen a positive difference to my life. I would therefore highly recommend Aude to any potential client.

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Aude is wonderfully calm, concise and consistent! I would highly recommend Aude as a coach and would not hesitate in engaging her again both for short term problem solving, and where a larger breakthrough is required. Through her expert listening abilities Aude elevates the coaching process to a truly transformative experience. I will be forever grateful to her for her fantastic coaching!